DictaTeam offers professional transcription service and modern voice recording apps / documentation solutions

DictaTeam transcription service
DictaTeam mobile voice recording
DictaTeam mobile voice recording
DictaTeam‘s transcription service – The 7/24 transcription service for each dictating author. Only high qualified professionals transcribing for different professions – 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 52 / 53 weeks per year.
DictaTeam‘s dictate on demand voice recording technology – Modern voice recording technology for mobile voice recording, for stationary recording and for transcription workspaces in the secretariat.
DictaTeam’s the workflow technology – The most modern procedures for voice file exchange between author, own Secretariat, external transcription service and professional speech recognition systems.
DictaTeam speech recognition
DictaTeam text compression
DictaTeam end to end encrypted cloud
DictaTeam‘s systems for speech recognition – Optimised procedures for speech recognition systems, automatized integration of pictures into speech recognised texts and forwarding to most modern business processes.
DictaTeam‘s text analyses and text compressions – Server-based big data technology for analysing and compression of unstructured and structured data ports without loss of information.
DictaTeam‘s cloud – TeamDrive hosted by DictaTeam bases on the end-to-end encrypted and certified cloud storage solution in German data centres.
DictaTeam social activities ALS Ambulanz Charite
DictaTeam social activities HEIMATSUCHER
DictaTeam social activities support dislexis
What does Dr. Juergen Grossmann and Beate Seidel have in common?
What does famous anchorman „Markus Lanz“, the „ZDF“ (second German TV) and Beate Seidel have in common?
What is the difference between supporting dislexics by the German government and the support by DictaTeam?

Free dictation app / Free voice recording app

DictaTeam do not buy voice recorder
„dictate on demand mobile Freemium“ is the perfect alternative for a cost intensive, mono functional voice recorder of the established manufacturer. “Only speech recording of notices, reports and ideas may not cost money!” says Beate Seidel, founder and general manager of DictaTeam. DictaTeam offers all dictating authors and users of the smartphone voice recorder dictate on demand mobile Freemium all basic functionalities of an old fashion digital voice recorder. In addition users can send their voice recorded files directly by email or an end-to-end encrypted TeamDrive cloud storage solution which has been certified by the independent state agency for private data protection Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, to their own secretariat or the external transcription service operated by DictaTeam.

Free dictation app – dictate on demand mobile Freemium

The free of charge freemium version of the worldwide approved dictation app dictate on demand mobile is a professional and enormous equipped smartphone dictation solution. It makes a premium voice recorder inclusive documentation system out of a smartphone, tablet PC or MP3 player.

Beate Seidel: “DictaTeam offers with the free of charge freemium version of dictate on demand mobile all authors – like lawyers, tax advisors, doctors or forensic experts, managers, engineers, salespeople or clerks – not only the possibility of a premium voice recorder, dictate on demand mobile Freemium is an excellent documentation system with direct interfaces from other apps also. With dictate on demand mobile Freemium DictaTeam does not offer a solution with hidden costs, like renting a communication server, or with restricted performance, like restricted voice recording time.”

DictaTeam’s dictate on demand mobile Freemium is really 100% free of charge and a real powerful dictation solution for everybody.

DictaTeam’s blog

About DictaTeam

DictaTeam is one of the leading specialists for producing documents, transcription and digital dictation solutions as well as documentation solutions in Germany. The business activities of DictaTeam are comprehensive: from a classic transcription service combined with digital and mobile voice recording solutions to a European private data protection act compliant cloud storage of personal data like patient information or customer databases. DictaTeam’s 24/7 transcription office, DictaTeam’s smartphone voice recorder “dictate on demand mobile”and TeamDrive hosted by DictaTeam representing DictaTeam’s flexibility, efficiency and security in the dictation business and documentation business.
DictaTeam’s main target is every time the integration of speech into business processes. Mobile dictation will slim them down and the costs are reduced by getting more time for the users. References in different markets like medical, lawyers, sales and communication (radio / TV) are underscoring the quality of DictaTeam’s solution for voice recording.

Get more information about DictaTeam’s products, about their philosophy and their solutions on http://www.dictateam.com in English and on https://www.dictateam.info in German. You will find DictaTeam on Issue, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, XING, Pinterest and YouTube also.

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